Conflict,Governance and Human Rights

GLOBAL AIM SOUTH SUDAN implements Conflict prevention and peace building initiatives through; Community peace education, community sensitization on transitional justice issues, training of local leaders in conflict resolution skills, Conducting community dialogue meetings. Organizing and facilitating community recreation activities for social mobilization and peace and Dissemination of relevant information to promote peace and reconciliation in target communities.

The organization also builds capacity for strengthening citizens’ participation in decision making processes. The organization  endeavors to; conduct civic education on citizens’ rights and responsibilities, Monitoring of service delivery particularly education and health services, Advocacy and lobbying meetings with duty bearers as part of  fostering good governance and citizens participation in service delivery. The organization also trains local leaders in leadership skills so as to promote good governance.

Through civic engagement, citizens are empowered to hold their leaders accountable and demand for services in their localities. GLOBAL AIM also conducts interventions for promotion of human rights with focus on promotion of children’s’ and womens rights. The organization has interventions on child protection (child friendly services) in its areas of operation. The organization also promotes access to justice by creating awareness on citizen’s legal rights and fundamental human rights and obligations.